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Nothing but the dead and dying …

… back in my little town.

ORILLIA CITY COUNCIL, in its infinite wisdom, and after spending several years fumbling away an intelligent and reasonable plan to build a new recreation centre within walking distance of the city’s downtown core, has finally awarded a contract to build a new twin-pad arena. At a location completely inaccessible except by car (or, perhaps, autogyro). On the wrong side of a major highway. Between a commuter-oriented university campus* and a planned industrial park**. And, to top everything off, has done so without any public consultation while ignoring calls for at least one international-sized ice surface and rejecting the recommendation of city staff in choosing the contractor.

I have given up all hope of my hometown ever getting anything right.

*Planned, and something that also should have been built downtown.
**Yes, this is what passes for “comprehensive planning” in Orillia. University? Check. Twin-pad? Check. Industrial park? Check. Well, that’s just about everything!